Free IP GeoLocation/GeoIp API

A free REST API to get location information for IP addresses.

This project is open source. Setup your own instance if you like.

Sourcecode at GitHub

Location data for your current IP address
City Ann Arbor
Country United States (US)
Latitute 42.2734
Longitude -83.7133
Time zone America/Detroit

API Documentation


All requests have to be HTTP GET requests in the following schema:{ip}/{language}/{type}


ip optional Valid IP address in IPv4 or IPv6 format.
language optional* Two character language code like en or de.
type optional* Possible values are short to get a response conataining only most relevant data or full to get a response containing all available data.
* This parameter can only be used if IP parameter is provided.


By default all responses are JSON encoded strings.
It is also possible to get JSONP responses for direct usage in javascripts. To get a JSONP response a callback function has to be provided within the request using the ?callback= parameter.

function foo(data) {
    document.write("City: ",;
    document.write("Country: ",;
    document.write("Latitude: ", data.location.latitude);
    document.write("Longitude: ", data.location.longitude);
<script src=""></script>


This service is also available via https.


The API follows a fair use policy. There are no limits by default but if the service is abused your IP may get blocked.